Petron in my Diesel car help near me in London

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Petrol into a Diesel Car in London

Petrol into a Diesel Car in London
Suppose you’ve accidentally put petrol into a diesel car in London. In that case, you’ll know it can be a costly and unpleasant experience!

Petrol and diesel are two completely different types of fuel, each offering advantages for the specific vehicle type. Let’s look at the differences between petrol and diesel and what to do if you make the mistake of putting petrol into a diesel car in London. 


Most cars in London – including motorbikes, and vans – use petrol as the primary fuel. However, not too long ago, it was the only fuel for vehicles designed for road use. Petrol has a higher octane rating than diesel, which makes it more stable and less prone to pre-ignition or ‘knocking’ within the engine. Petrol is also cheaper than diesel in many cases. It can be a more attractive option for drivers on a budget.

In addition, petrol contains more energy per litre than diesel. Petrol-powered vehicles achieve higher performance levels but typically generate less torque than their diesel counterparts. Petrol engines are usually lighter and easier to drive than diesel engines, making them a good choice for many drivers in London. In addition, petrol-powered vehicles typically require less maintenance than diesel-powered ones.


Heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses use diesel due to its higher energy density than petrol. One litre of diesel contains about 15% more energy than a litre of petrol. This enables engines to generate more torque and power for tasks such as carrying heavy loads or towing trailers. Diesel also performs strongly at lower speeds, making it ideal for working machines like tractors.

Recently, diesel for other vehicles designed for road use – as opposed to just heavy vehicles – has become more popular. There are a few reasons for this, such as:

  • lower costs of diesel compared to petrol
  • higher fuel economy, which means that people can go further with the same amount of fuel
  • lower emission levels of diesel compared to petrol

As a result, diesel-powered vehicles are becoming more popular in many cities, including London. So, when it comes to the mistake of accidentally putting petrol into a diesel car, London is no exception. This unfortunate accident is becoming more common.

Petrol Into Diesel Car London: What Can Happen?

Due to the differences between petrol and diesel, it is essential to ensure that the correct fuel is used in a vehicle. Accidentally filling up with petrol when a car runs on diesel can cause serious damage to the engine and other components. Putting petrol into a diesel car is a major concern for many drivers in the capital.

The main problem with filling a diesel engine with petrol is that it can cause blockages or damage to the fuel system, resulting in an inability to start the vehicle. It will also cause a build-up of carbon deposits and sludge, damaging the engine further. Petrol will often become trapped in the fuel lines and filters, causing many problems, including poor performance and reduced efficiency.

Petrol Into Diesel Car London: What Can You Do?

If you have accidentally put petrol into a diesel car in London, you must act quickly to avoid any lasting harm to your vehicle. Potential damage may vary depending on how much petrol is involved.

In some cases, you may be able to drive off and have the vehicle inspected by a professional for any lasting damage. On the other hand, if too much petrol is added, it must be professionally drained and flushed before further use. Because of the difficulty of ascertaining which is the case, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Here are the steps you should take: 

  • Stop driving immediately! Petrol is not compatible with diesel engines and will cause damage.
  • Seek professional help as soon as possible. You must have your vehicle evaluated to determine the potential damage extent.
  • Find a professional as quickly as possible who can drain the petrol from your tank and flush and check the whole engine for any signs of damage.
  • Contact your insurance provider to discuss their policy on accidental petrol contamination of diesel vehicles.
  • Keep all receipts related to the petrol into diesel car issue, as it may help with any insurance claims.
  • Service your car regularly to avoid future fuel contamination issues.

Petrol into Diesel Car London: The Best Case Scenario

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In a Nutshell

Petrol in a diesel engine can cause severe damage if not addressed quickly, so following these steps and seeking professional assistance will ensure you get the best outcome for your vehicle.

In addition, make sure to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to discuss their policy on petrol into a diesel car and any potential compensation. With the right help and preventative measures, you can avoid a petrol into diesel car problems in the future.